Those are the three words to describe Energeia. So, how do you pronounce it? Thanks for asking. It is pronounced [ e-ner-ya ] and means “energy” in Greek.
Our brand was born simply because we love sports.  An active lifestyle has allowed us to meet wonderful people, practice and live our values, discover new cultures and make new friends, challenge our limits, open our minds and balance our body.
For us, practicing an active lifestyle means many things but, above all, it means being brave. And we are brave when we decide to wake up early (or not so early) to go for a run. We are brave when even after a long day of work we reserve 30 mins to do a yoga class. We are brave when we ecourage our friends to take a healthier path. We are brave when we reach the finish line, no matter in what place, but we do.
Energeia was born to celebrate these forms of bravery . Through our high-quality activewear we want to be part of your life. 
We are also convinced that we are brave when we dare to have a more responsible lifestyle with the planet and with our communities. That is why our sportswear is made from plastic bottles to create the best fabrics: ultra comfortable and soft, without glare, with UV protection, ready for any activity. To create them, used plastic bottles are collected, crushed into chips that will later be used to make the fibers of the fabric. 6 to 10 bottles are used for each piece.
This manufacturing process gives us a high quality fabric for durable garments. Plus, it uses less water and energy than a traditional garment making process. And the result ... spectacular!
We are also committed to reducing our impact with reusable and environmentally friendly packaging.
Energeia is a social company. We collaborate with Guatemalan foundations to support young people in risk situations through the practice of sport. With each purchase, you collaborate with this effort.